The British & Irish Society for Oral Medicine is the UK’s recognised authority for clinical care, research and education in oral medicine.

The BISOM provides information on ways in which healthcare professionals can work together to provide improved clinical care and patient outcomes. Click on the links to find out more about becoming a member of the BISOM, the options for further education and opportunities to contribute to research in a range of areas related to oral medicine.

Patients can find guidance about your care and the potential treatment options which may alleviate your pain or resolve your symptoms. You’ll find advice about the steps to take if you are concerned about your health, facts about specific conditions and information about your nearest oral medicine clinic. Please note that you cannot refer yourself for treatment, please visit your dentist and doctor first if you are in pain.

BISOM Scientific Meeting – Bristol 2019

The British and Irish Society for Oral Medicine (BISOM) welcomed over 95 delegates from across the UK and Ireland to their Annual Scientific Meeting 2019. This year’s meeting was held in Bristol on 2nd-3rd May at the Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel. The meeting was opened by Dr Pepe Shirlaw (President of BSOM 2017-2019) who revealed [...]


New BISOM Website!

We are delighted to announce the development of our new website! We invite you to register in order to participate and contribute to the site. We would like this to be a platform where we can come together and discuss Oral Medicine as BISOM members. Register for website Member access [...]


BSOM Winter Meeting 2018

This year’s British Society for Oral Medicine winter meeting was held at the Foresight Centre, Liverpool on 1stDecember 2018. The theme for the day was Infectious Diseases, a fitting topic given that it coincided with World AIDS day. Over 50 delegates from across the UK and Ireland attended, many to give verbal and poster presentations on interesting cases and research projects. [...]