Join the BISOM

The British & Irish Society for Oral Medicine welcomes members from across the professions. If you share our goals – to work collaboratively to improve the quality of care for patients – in the field of oral medicine please join us.

Who can join the BISOM

The Society’s membership largely consists of clinicians involved in patient care. If you are a practitioner who deals daily with oral medicine cases then membership will provide you with access to many like-minded colleagues. If you work in education or are a medical or dental practitioner with an interest in oral medicine it’s the ideal environment to help develop your knowledge and skills.

Applications are also welcome from individuals who have a relevant research or education background and wish to be part of the BISOM. Membership is not open to members of the public.

Benefits of BISOM membership

Becoming a member of the British & Irish Society for Oral Medicine shows that you are committed to working towards best practice in a field which is of vital importance to patient health. Alongside the benefits of being part of a respected, collegiate organisation with shared objectives you can gain by:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise with peers
  • Receiving reduced rate attendance at BISOM conferences and events
  • Accessing a range of invaluable resources

BISOM membership categories

Fellows: Mostly Consultants or Honorary Consultants in Oral Medicine. Annual subscription is £100
Members: Healthcare practitioners with an interest in Oral Medicine. Annual subscription is £50 (clinical students undertaking a second clinical degree (e.g. dentistry or medicine) can apply for a reduction).

Subscriptions are taken automatically on an annual basis.

Apply for BISOM Membership

Please fill in your details and choose your preferred category. All applicants are required to include a concise, up to date CV. Successful applicants will receive an email with a link to make payment and set up your annual subscription.

If you need any help or advice please get in touch with us at

When making a membership application you need to list two referees, one supporting person must be a current Fellow of the BISOM, and the other either a current Member or Fellow.

  • Applicant

  • Referee 1: Fellow

  • Referee 2: Fellow or Member

  • This message will be sent to BOTH your named referees supporting your application and requesting their references.
    We will add, "Dear {referee's name}". Please include below your message and sign off.