A career in Oral Medicine offers you the opportunity to practice in an innovative, evolving area of healthcare.

There are many facets to the specialty which is often described as the interface between dentistry and medicine. Many Oral Medicine specialists have dental and medical qualifications, although a medical degree is not a requirement for entry to specialty training.

The key difference from Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery is that in Oral Medicine the emphasis is on conditions that are primarily managed without the need for surgery. There are three main, inter-related aspects to the practice of Oral Medicine; Clinical Care, Education and Research.

One in a million …

It is the British & Irish Society for Oral Medicine’s goal to ensure that there is one oral medicine specialist per million of the population. Their role is to be responsible for coordinating a network of practitioners working towards improved clinical care.

Throughout the profession there are many in which you can play a role in the provision of oral medicine.

Case study: dentist

Case study: doctor

Case study: specialist

Other Involvement in Oral Medicine

There are opportunities for those who wish to be involved in Oral Medicine without undertaking specialty training. Some Dental Foundation and Career Development posts offer opportunities to work in Oral Medicine units. These opportunities are advertised via different routes, including NHS Jobs, NHS Scotland Recruitment, BDJ Jobs and Postgraduate Dental Deanery websites.

Further Information

Anyone interested in pursuing a career or other involvement in Oral Medicine and who would like further information should contact