The British Society for Oral Medicine was formed in 1981 to provide a home for clinicians with an interest in the investigation and treatment of diseases of the mouth.

Our objectives are to promote the practice of oral medicine, through teaching and research, and to encourage communication between those with an interest in any aspect of oral medicine. Oral medicine is more relevant today than ever before due to the increase in mouth cancer and HPV and the welcome emphasis on patient-centred care.

You can engage with the Society by becoming a member, sharing good practice in clinical care and taking further education in the field. Find out more from our President.

Who can join the BISOM?

Oral medicine is the specialty dedicated to treating patients who suffer chronic, recurring or medically-related illnesses of the mouth and lower face. As such it occupies a special place in medicine as it brings together dentists and doctors to diagnose and treat pain without having to opt for surgery.

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Why engage in oral medicine education?

The specialty of Oral Medicine involves a network of professionals whose shared goal is to treat and alleviate orofacial pain. By adopting a collegiate approach to patient-centred care we can improve each patient’s journey and improve their outcomes. We believe that education in oral medicine is the key.

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How can I contribute to research?

If you are providing oral medicine treatments for patients with tangible results or offer alternatives to current practice sharing them with colleagues could be hugely beneficial. The BISOM is committed to providing a forum for best practice that draws on the latest research and case studies.

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The British Society for Oral Medicine (BISOM) seeks to improve the quality of life of patients who fall within the scope of the specialty by promoting excellence in clinical care, research and education.