Dull Aching Pain – Persistent Idiopathic Facial Pain

Mrs X had experienced a chronic, dull aching pain in the lower left jaw for a number of years. The intensity of the pain varied over time, but never completely went away. When the pain originally started, it was thought to be due to a problem with one of the back (molar) teeth. A root canal treatment was carried out, but did not help the pain. The tooth was extracted. After a few weeks the pain came back, but this time in the next door tooth. After further dental care, this tooth was also extracted. The pain carried on.

As part of a specialist Oral Medicine opinion the nature of this condition was discussed and Mrs X’s concerns addressed. Mrs X accepted that there were no easy solutions and that the pain could not be cured. Different management options were considered and the ones best suited to Mrs X identified. The pain has not completely gone away, but it is controlled to a point where Mrs X can cope with it.

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