Painful Tongue – Burning Mouth

For several months Mrs X had experienced a scolded sensation involving the top and sides of her tongue. Initially, the unpleasant sensations came and went. More recently they were there all the time. There hadn’t been any change to her sense of taste and the mouth did not feel dry. Mrs X was a worrier by nature and she was concerned that there might be a serious underlying cause. Some treatments provided locally had not helped.

An Oral Medicine specialist opinion was asked for. From the history, examination and investigations a diagnosis of Burning Mouth was made. This condition was discussed. Mrs X was surprised to learn that this is a common condition; she had never heard of it before. Some predisposing factors were identified and addressed. Gradually, the mouth became more comfortable and the condition no longer dominated Mrs X’s life.

To find out more about this condition read the Patient Information Leaflet (PiL) prepared by the Society on Burning Mouth Syndrome.

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