Sore Mouth – Pemphigoid

Mrs X had been troubled by a painful mouth for several years and she was fed-up. A biopsy report from a few years ago concluded that the oral ulceration was ‘non-specific’. Topical treatments did not help. After review with her GP a referral was made for a specialist Oral Medicine opinion. In addition to the oral ulceration there was some fibrosis deep to the inside of the cheeks. Examination of the surfaces of the eyes revealed abnormal changes. Special tests confirmed the diagnosis of mucous membrane pemphigoid. Joint care was started with an eye specialist with an interest in this condition. A combination of tablets that were swallowed and topical treatments to the mouth and eyes brought the condition under control.

To find out more about this condition read the Patient Information Leaflet (PiL) prepared by the Society on Oral Pemphigoid.

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