EAOM Webinar Series

EAOM are delighted to announce a series of webinars which will provide a forum for discussion of topics of interest to members.

The webinars will be delivered on a monthly basis and commence at 18:00 GMT (19:00 central European time) by a panel of three. Each panel member will seek to address a specific question, or topic, over the course of 20 minutes before answering questions, selected by a moderator, from those submitted by attendees over the following 5-10 minutes.  

The first webinar will take place on Tuesday 13th April at 18:00 (GMT). The webinars are free to EAOM members. CPD certificates will be available. The speakers and topics for the first webinar are listed below:

  • Professor Stephen Porter IgG4 Related Disease: Implications for Oral Medicine 
  • Professor Marco Carrozzo  Oral Manifestations of Systemic Conditions 
  • Dr Jon Higham Telemedicine 

Further information is available on the EAOM website.

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