Facial Pain – Temporal (Giant Cell) Arteritis

Mrs X had recently retired from work and was looking forwards to her new life. She had always been well and was surprised to start getting dull aching over both temples. She also felt ‘washed-out’. Chewing made the pain worse and this was especially noticeable in the muscles that moved the jaw. After a while […]

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Facial Pain – Temporomandibular Disorder

Mrs X was becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress in dealing with her facial pain and associated headaches. These were now affecting Mrs X’s work and her boss was becoming increasingly impatient. The pain was also having a negative impact on her family and social life. Eating was becoming increasingly difficult. An Oral […]

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Dull Aching Pain – Persistent Idiopathic Facial Pain

Mrs X had experienced a chronic, dull aching pain in the lower left jaw for a number of years. The intensity of the pain varied over time, but never completely went away. When the pain originally started, it was thought to be due to a problem with one of the back (molar) teeth. A root […]

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Agonising, Shooting Pain – Trigeminal Neuralgia

When Mr X arrived for a specialist opinion in Oral Medicine he was barely able to speak for fear of setting off an agonising pain. This was like a searing electric shock that always came in the same place and in the same way. When the pain first started it was thought to be from […]

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Altered Taste

Mr X was becoming increasingly occupied by an altered taste in his mouth. This was having a detrimental impact on many activities of day-to-day living. An Oral Medicine specialist opinion was asked for. There were no burning sensations and the mouth did not feel dry to Mr X. No areas of sepsis, such as gum […]

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Painful Tongue – Burning Mouth

For several months Mrs X had experienced a scolded sensation involving the top and sides of her tongue. Initially, the unpleasant sensations came and went. More recently they were there all the time. There hadn’t been any change to her sense of taste and the mouth did not feel dry. Mrs X was a worrier […]

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Large Saliva Glands – Sialosis


Family and friends had increasingly commented to Mrs X that the shape of her face was changing. It was more round than before. Mrs X hadn’t experienced any discomfort and her saliva was unchanged. The swelling involving the side of the face below each ear gradually increased and Mrs X saw her GP about this. […]

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Too Much Saliva – Sialorrhoea


Mr X had long-standing problems with too much saliva. When he spoke this meant that he had a tendency to spit. This was very embarrassing and was affected his work and home life. It had reached the point where Mr X would avoid specific situations. A specialist Oral Medicine opinion was asked for. This concluded […]

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Dry Mouth – Complications

Dry Mouth and Candida

Mr X had a long-standing dry mouth. Mr X found it difficult to access a general dentist and he was struggling with his mouth. A specialist Oral Medicine opinion was asked for. This concluded that Mr X did not have Sjogren’s Syndrome and that his oral dryness was due to many different things. These included […]

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Dry Mouth – Sjögren’s Syndrome – Lymphoma

Sjogren’s Syndrome – Lymphoma

Mrs X was aware that having Sjögren’s Syndrome increased her risk of developing lymphoma; a cancer of lymphoid tissue. Although only a small proportion of people with Sjögren’s Syndrome develop lymphoma Mrs X knew to seek early professional advice when she developed a persistent swelling in the neck near the angle of the lower jaw […]

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